Cert. IV in CSP

The Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices (MSS40312) is delivered by our sister company, the Australian Society for Quality (AuSQ) in partnership with LEAN 6. This certificate is a nationally accredited qualification that gives supervisors, and team leaders the skills needed to lead workplace improvements in safety, motivation, quality, cost and delivery.
At the core of this qualification are Lean tools and Continuous Improvement techniques. A number of units also deal with skills areas such as leadership, workplace learning, communication, workplace change, and workplace culture.
These tools can be used to improve any product and process, and are applicable to a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, utilities and financial services, to name a few.


  • Team leaders, supervisors and managers
  • Operations managers
  • Quality & business improvement resources
  • Project managers
No prior Lean Six Sigma experience is required.
This course is applicable across all industries including Product Offering, Service Provision and Manufacturing.


  • Leading change in the workplace
  • Managing workplace learning and relationships
  • Facilitating continuous improvements
  • Facilitating workplace projects using proven Lean tools
  • Understanding cost factors
  • Undertaking root cause analysis
  • Using Value Stream Mapping and 8 Wastes
  • Implementing 5S and visual management
  • Implementing and sustain mistake-proofing practices
  • Building process capability improvements

Core Units
  1. Implement competitive systems and practices
  2. Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices
  3. Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
    Select 9 from the following 10 units:
    Elective Units
    1. Facilitate continuous improvement
    2. Improve changeovers
    3. Map an office value stream
    4. Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S
    5. Mistake proof an operational process
    6. Undertake root cause analysis
    7. Implement the visual workplace
    8. Work safely
    9. Ensure process improvements are sustained
    10. Contribute to team effectiveness


    Students who successfully complete this course are awarded:
    • Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices (MSS40312)
    As part of the Australian Qualifications Framework this qualification is nationally recognised.
    The student who completes this course will also be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt completion certificate.

    • 580 hours (Maximum nominal)
    • In the workplace, this course is typically delivered over approx 14 sessions of 3 hours per session


    Number of atterndees:
    10 – 12 per class

    What's included:
    • Cert. IV in Competitive Systems training folder
    • Easy Reference Guides
    • Qualification - Cert IV. in Competitive Systems & Practices
    • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate