Change Management

In partnership with the Australian Society for Quality, the AuSQ LETS™ Change Facilitation framework provides a clear, consistent and pragmatic way to manage the 4 phases of managing change initiatives: Lead, Engage, Transit and Sustain.
The AuSQ LETS™ Change Facilitation workshop is designed for project team members to help them successfully assess, analyse, plan, design, develop & execute change management strategies.
The programs a hands-on program where participants learn the concepts, theory, methodology & tools to implement change successfully.


  • Change managers
  • Middle & senior operations managers
  • Quality & business improvement resources
  • Project managers
This course has is applicable across all industries including Product Offering, Service Provision and Manufacturing.

  • Gain a strong working knowledge to lead strategic and /or organisational change successfully through development of sound change management plans.
  • Develop skills to build and customise a change management strategy and develop change management plans for communication, sponsorship, coaching and training.
  • Understand the tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy-to-use LETS ™ framework for managing change at all levels
Change Management Principles
  • Introduction to Change 
  • Introduction to change theories and perspectives
  • Psychology of change
  • 4-phase process for managing change initiatives : Lead, Engage, Transit and Sustain
  • Organisational change competency
  • Connecting change management to business projects and project management
Change Management Process and Tools
  • LETS™ framework
  • Define change management strategy 
  • Prepare change management team
  • Develop sponsorship model
  • Manage change communication plan
  • Manage resistance 
  • Master change plan 
  • Reinforce change
  • Collect and Analyse feedback 
  • Diagnose gaps and implement corrective action
  • Celebrate success


Participants who successfully complete the training are issued with aChange Management Training Completion Certificate



  • 1 or 2 days


Number of attendees:

10 – 12 per class

What's Included:

  • Change Management training folder
  • Easy Reference Guides
  • Training Completion certificate