Competitive Systems & Practices

The Competitive Systems & Practices Programs are delivered by our sister company, the Australian Society for Quality (AuSQ) in partnership with LEAN 6. This certificate is a nationally accredited qualification that participants the skills needed to lead workplace improvements.
At the core of thes qualifications are Lean tools and Continuous Improvement techniques.
The Competitive Systems & Practices Programs are applicable to a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, utilities and financial services, to name a few.


Our sister company, the Australian Society for Quality (AuSQ) is a recognised training organisation (National Registered Training Organisation ID 22526).
Registered training organisations (RTOs) are recognised by the Australian Government as providers of quality assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications.

Only RTOs such as AuSQ can:
  • Deliver nationally recognised courses and qualifications
  • Apply for Australian, State and Territory Government funding


AuSQ as a registered training organisation is accredited to award government recognised qualifications and statements of attainment. The recognition ensures:
  • the training courses are accredited under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)
  • the qualifications issued are recognised by all other RTOs
This means students will be confident the skills they attain are of a high quality and accepted and valued anywhere in Australia. It also allows students to enrol, transfer or complete their training at any RTO, nationwide.
A training organisation that is not registered may offer training but cannot issue nationally recognised qualifications.


The following Qualifications are offered:

Cert. IV in Competitive Systems & Practices

Cert. III in Competitive Systems & Practices

Cert. II in Competitive Systems & Practices


Goverment Funding is available for Government Accredited Qualifications.
Students must meet eligibility requirements to be able to access government funding.
Both STATE GOVERNMENT and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT funding is available.
Please contact us for further info in order to determine if you or your employees meet the eligibility requirements for funding.