About Us

LEAN 6 is a leading Lean Six Sigma training and consulting organisation that focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills. Our clients achieve Business Excellence through learning and development of their people supported by highly talented Lean and Six Sigma practitioners.
We are a recognised training organisation and deliver the full range of certifications in Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management.  We adopt the GE (General Electric) standard for certification and in partnership with our sister company, the Australian Society for Quality, deliver the highest quality and recognised certifications in Lean Six Sigma.
LEAN 6 in partnership with the Australian Society for Quality further delivers government accredited qualifications in Competitive Systems & Practices.


We provide training in continuous improvement, operational excellence and change management.  Our principle focus is the transfer of skills and knowledge in Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies.


We support organisations to achieve and sustain excellence by utilising Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management tools to solve complex business problems.  Projects are clearly scoped with measureable improvement targets established and tracked for ongoing continuous improvement.

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