DMAIC Improvement Methodology

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement philosophy focused on increasing quality, efficiency and speed while reducing waste, defects and non-value adding activity. These principles are taught via our Lean Six Sigma Training programs.

Lean is based on the concept of “Kaizen” or Continuous Improvement. Core to Lean is the identification and elimination of waste whilst establishing better flow of processes. Cycle Time and Process Time are reduced to delight Customers and increase productivity.

Six Sigma is a rigorous project management methodology which aims to eradicate defects and failures by reducing process variation. Six Sigma is based on a set of Quality management tools and is supported by statistical analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Lean Six Sigma has been successfully adopted by many companies including GE, Toyota, Motorola, 3M, Boeing, Dell, Ford, Origin, ANZ and many more.


  • Focuses on maximising process velocity
  • Provides tools for analysing process flow
  • Provides understanding of Lead, Cycle and Process Times
  • Builds understanding of Work in Progress and Bottlenecks
  • Defines Value Adding, Value  Enabling and Non-Value Adding Processes
  • Identifies and removes waste from a Process


  • Rigorous & structured Project Management  methodology
  • Eliminates defects as defined by Customers
  • Recognises the need to remove variation within a process
  • Data driven
  • Uses statistics to determine root causes of business problems
  • Delivers quality improvements and control within Customer specifications